Fundraising Gaming

2019 is wrapping up. Hallowe’en is practically upon us! What does this all mean? It means lots of fundraising, and since we’re gamers, lots of gaming fundraisers. Please share them all, and let’s see how many ways we can support each other.

My buddy Cory (and friend of the show) is running an awesome sounding game of Carnival of the Damned at GameHole for The Jerry Stefek Memorial Crawl for the Cure on Friday, November 1st from 9 AM to 7 PM CDT with streaming through Twitch. More info at

The “official” Extra Life gaming day is Nov. 2. Look for events all over. More info at

Students at the university where I work started a DnD club last year. It now has well over 100 members. This year, we are co-hosting an Extra Life event Nov. 8-9 starting at 6 P EST at I’ll be running teams of players through 24 hours of gaming (I’m thinking Tegel Manor) while they host 24-hour open-gaming mini-con. Very excited for 60 exhausted gamers at 4 in the morning…

Happy gaming to all, and please take the opportunity to make somebody’s life better while you game—even if just by having your character do something awesome in game!