Yesterday around noon, I tried updating the forums. It went south and I called in the wrecking ball to decimate what was in place, but not working, and start from scratch with a back up…that was done 12/8/2021.

It was a struggle, but with the help of @jim they are now up and running. Because the back up was 12/8, you will notice posts are missing. Apologies. Before we got this backup in place the previous back up on file was from March 2021. So it could have been worse.

Moving forward I’ll be cleaning up some topics and categories based on what we’re seeing for discussion. We want to have this platform be of value to you and pruning things will provide a better experience.


Thanks for your patience and long suffering. I love it here and truly appreciate the effort.



Way to go @sean and @jim !!

We all know these forums (and the show) are a labor of love - so it is very impressive how quickly you guys got them back up, and your hard work is appreciated!