For the Queen in Classic Traveller - Burn Notice meets Red meets Classic Traveller

Anyone ever played the new card based RPG from Evil Hat and Alex Roberts called “For the Queen”?

It’s a solid game.

How about Traveller?

Well, I recently had a brainwave to use a For the Queen minigame in a high Psionics Classic Traveller game session zero.

Here’s the link to my google doc. And here’s a link to my conversation on the Gauntlet.

The high level concept is that everyone is one of the most powerful Psions in the known universe. They were part of the Psionics Institute for many years and are now aged, but have recently defected and tried to retire. But it seems that the Institute has issued a Burn Notice on them. Their mentor on their deathbed tries to warn them. Sort of a cross between Burn Notice, Red (movie), PsiRun, and all open world Traveller sandboxy.

My questions are:
Does the setup narrative in the cards make sense? I’m second guessing some of the setup and narrative logic now. For example, why would Institute folks come to fetch the PCs to meet Bates, only to have Bates tell them to run? Open to thoughts and suggestions.

I have a bit of concern about the questions that will point the still living PCs at each other. Also concern a bit about players taking agency away from other players. I guess that’s what the X card is for. Is this a legitimate concern?

Thoughts on the tweak to the FtQ rules that allows a player to answer a card already drawn?

I have no idea how the follow up campaign will go with these questions as an initial framing. Has anyone ever done anything like this?


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I’m no help here, Chris.

@rayotus this is the game/tweak I was inspired to write based on your podcast episodes.

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Fantastic. I’ll give it a read in a bit!

K. Made my comments on the Google doc!

Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!