Finishing the Campain... Or Else!

In my Against the Giants game, the party will reach the Hall of the Fire Giant King next session. One last crawl, a showdown with the BBEG, and that’s a wrap. However, the burnout is real. Several of us have reached the end of the road with D&D 5E and we’re already “seeing other people on the side”. We briefly discussed taking a break, but many of us admitted once we left D&D 5E behind, we probably won’t be coming back, even to finish up a campaign. Everyone wants to see the story to the end, the group is dedicated, but man, it has become a slog.

That’s all. Not looking for advice or anything. We’re pushing through, just venting/lamenting on the struggle. This may be the first time we actually see something to “the bitter end,” lol.


Sending positive vibes to you and your group!


I feel you. I had to make a hard turn to get out of the adventure I (as GM) was just tired of…

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I pondered reworking the Hall of the Fire Giant King to be a smaller dungeon, focus in on the important encounters. But the goal of the campaign was to experience the original adventures using D&D 5E and I’d hate to rework the dungeon layout and take that away from them.
Although now that I think about it, I can still rework the encounters. Remove unnecessary ones, condense them down to important scenes. Maybe use something like “Quick Encounters” from Savage Worlds to cover lesser battles.


I know you said you were not looking for suggestions but I think many of us have walked a similar path. That is playing a game that is not working for you anymore, but one you would like to finish.

I was there not too long ago with running the Fantasy Trip. I wanted to give if a try again, and it was fun for a while, but eventually played it’s self out. The campaign’s setting and characters were successful, but we were done with the rules, so I ported everything over to Blades in the Dark. This was a game I had never run before but after reading the book thought was THE system! It turned out not to be the holy grail of RPG’s. But that is for another thread. Anyway we ported over the setting and characters and the game continued. As a matter of fact I just ran it last night.

The campaign is now loved by one of my players and liked by everyone else. This is enough for me to continue running the game. Even though the player facing side of the game bugs me, it does let different stories be told and I love that.

Additionally, recently I bought the Pathfinder version of Savage Worlds because I wanted a D&D game that was familiar, but not too familiar. D&D 3.5 was the most broken version of the game and by extension I am sure that Pathfinder would not be that game for me, but having it translated into Savage Worlds seems to be a viable solution. I haven’t gotten it to the table but will at some point.

Whatever you choose to do, good luck to you and your gaming group!

Also, a small apology, about the 3.5 reference. That is my personal opinion and I am sure many of you enjoyed 3.5 and Pathfinder and that is fantastic! Keep on, keeping on!

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All good. Sorry if I accidentally stiffled conversation. Input and responses are always welcome on anything I post. :slight_smile:

That’s a thought that hadn’t occured to me, talking to the group about converting to a new system mid-campaign. It’s a good idea. I might toss it to them to see what they think.

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