Feng Shui RPG, skateboards, commies, and kung fu

A fellow skateboarder and gamer friend of mine tried an experiment Saturday. He used the Feng Shui RPG and adapted it to a Red Dawn setting in a small Illinois town in the late 1980s. Players were a group of skateboarders.

As we are out skating a ditch a MIG flies over and parachutes start coming down. As the commies come out of the woods near the ditch we hide in the drain pipe. One of the NPC skaters is the son of a Russian defector who lives in town. He’s been prepared for this his whole life. He walks out, speaks russian with 2 of the guards, then knocks one out (I forgot to mention, we are all martial arts badasses too).

My PC comes skating out of the tunnel, carves one wall for speed, and heads toward one of the ruskies coming down the the 8’ banked wall. I head toward him and performing rolling Irimi Nage (Steven Seagal’s cloths line move) dropping him to the ground (I’m an aikido shodon on pandemic break in real life actually, so this was fun). The guy is still conscious and getting back up. So on the way back down the wall I ollie, landing to-board on his cranium, which cracks his noggin open like an over-ripe melon. The other guys have similar luck. We take their guns and whatnot, jump in the pickup, and head to town to rescue relatives…

Yeah, it was wacky as hell. Not a campaign I’d want to do all the time, but a lot of fun and super creative. The system worked very well for this kind of action.