Feedback desired on campaign frame for West Marches type game

Ok, spent past few days putting together my West Marches campaign frame for my future go at Freebooters on the Frontier.

The high concept is a drifting city of ships has come upon a “new” unexplored continent. The party will be exploring the continent as the city of ships drifts along the shoreline, with the purported goal of the party to find trade partners, resources to exploit, and report back on risks to the city (called The Drift). The leaders of the city want to basically colonize and exploit the new continent. The folk who already live there are probably not on board with that. I’m also hoping that the PCs will also subvert or rebel against their leaders, most of the time.

Feedback desired: I’ve added the Faction element from Jason Pitre’s Spark RPG. But I’m wondering if that’s so robust that focus will turn to the faction machinations, and away from the exploratory nature of the sequential one-shot nature of West Marches play?

Also wondering if there’s possibility of PVP (thinking yes); not sure if Freebooters is the right system to handle. I’m choosing that because of the robust world building tools, I’m familiar with the system, and so are some of my players. But I’m a bit worried that I’m trying to tweak it past what it’s really good at…

Here’s the link.


Sounds cool to me. You seem to have a really good grasp of what your looking for and you’re at the stage where you will just have to play to find out!

I haven’t read Spark, but enjoyed my limited time Freebooters.


I agree with Hobbs - I think the starting point you have is solid. Knowing what you want is the key. It’ll help you stay on track/true as I’d think that “Mission Creep” could really get out of hand.