Fear the con

I’m late to pimping this for the Fear The Boot Podcast but

FEAR THE CON is this up coming weekend (June 25-27(?))

Join their Discord, sign up for games, RUN some games!

the first 20 GM’s will be given a coupon for Dominoes Pizza!!

Check it out at




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Are those the only 5 events or are those the only ones with seats left? I completely missed this was coming up but that is my fault. I’m behind on listening to FtB.

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THATS just what that page is pulling, if you go here Con Planner This is a complete list and time table of what people are running and descriptions.

It’s not much because its an online con, but if last year was ANY indication, more games will be listed this week.

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Ah, there we go. :slight_smile: Many thanks!

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The what podcast? :wink:

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