Favorite Gaming & BS episode(s)

Episode 16: Props in role playing games
Episode 253: Tabletop terrain
It’s the small details that bring the game to life. Handing your player a custom Benny, character sheet, or creating terrain for a specific battle show the amount of time and thought the GM put into the game.

Episode 243: Being exclusive with Paige Leitman
Most of the gaming community is white middle aged straight men, including the creators of this show and most of their listeners. Constantly throughout the series both B&S express the importance of inclusiveness in the hobby. Why do they do this. Because it’s the right fucking thing to do. Most people won’t know the feeling when you walk into a gaming store and a group of people look at you like “This is my place, why are you here.”

Episode 256: Art in roleplaying games
Honestly I thought this episode would be quite boring. Talking about art in a podcast episode, didn’t sound appealing to me.
Why was it so damn good. Sean did his homework. Uploading art, doing research on artists, watching and recommending documentaries (Eye of the Beholder). He killed it. One of my favorite episodes.

What are some of your favorites and why?


All of them where Sean doesn’t use an accent. :wink:


All of them where Sean DOES use an accent. :wink:


Well now that really “Depends”, sorry couldn’t resist!

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137 Session Zero, Its mostly my favorite simply because It was one of the episodes that really got me hooked on the show.
The show talked about session zero and at the time I was kicking around the notion of session zero and if it was needed. I had never used the tool before and quite frankly the others in my group turned their noses up at the idea of a session zero. The show convinced me to have session zero for my next campaign and have been using and promoting this tool ever since.