FAQ - BSer Con

Note: This is a living post where the details may be updated over time.

What is BSer Con?
BSer Con is a virtual online rpg convention. Its name is derived from the Gaming and BS RPG podcast, but named after the podcast’s fans/listeners, affectionately referred to as ‘BSers’. It’s inaugural debut was January 2022

When is BSer Con?
January 28-30, 2022. The hours are long, starting at very early hours of the morning central time (US) and going into the late hours of the night. Since the event is online it could span multiple time zones. We want to help accommodate overseas attendees.

Where is BSer Con?
It is held in the Matrix, also known as the Internet and can be distributed as game masters determine what video conferencing and virtual tabletop platforms to use for their respected games. The staff of BSer Con does use Discord as its primary administrative virtual desk.

How much does it cost to attend BSer Con?
The 2022 event costs $5 for a badge. The badge is for general admittance - we don’t see day or weekend badges. One badge to rule them all. Events are zero dollars but a badge must be purchased to register to run or play in any events. The cost of the badge goes towards Discord server boosts - increasing the capacity of the servers audio/video, the registration software platform, other miscellaneous overhead, and the con’s charity of choice.

What kinds of games can I find at BSer Con?
The Gaming and BS community is primarily focussed on tabletop role-playing games. It is the one category of games that are currently being offered. If there is interest from the community to expand that to online board games we will consider adding them to the list of events. Other events you will find are seminars and social hours.

Where do I go to attend/register for BSer Con?
For the upcoming 2022 event, head to http://gamingandbs.com/bsercon, click ‘Buy Badges’ button found on right side of the page

Where can I ask more questions that aren’t listed here?
You can register here on the forums, we don’t share your information with any 3rd party, and post a forum topic under the BSer Con category here