Ethnically Diverse Minis?

Very specific request, hope you all can help.

Trying to bust out some WFRP 3e with the wifey and once again faced but the utter whiteness of the Old World. Any suggestions on where I can find some minis/stand-ups/little action figures which represent fantastical POC that would fit a Warhammer setting and require no painting?


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There are a lot of print-and-cut paper minis that are diverse available on DriveThruRPG.

Some even offer skin tone as a customization layer.

But, there are POC creators as well…

Also, lots of 5e-era PC minis are POC.


I know you don’t want to paint, but there’s a difference between painting a whole mini and just doing the skin. You would only need a handful of skin tones and a flesh wash. Use whatever tone you want and the wash and voila, your white elf is now a black elf, or whatever.


Might want to che\ck Ebay or other sites where folks who have painted minis for sale might have you covered - I also know there are folks out there who will paint minis for you; cost does, of course, vary from painter to painter.

And yeah, I totally get the Old World being utterly white. Kinda annoying.

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Are those by WotC, or do you know of a specific third party? I had a hard time finding something in drive thru, but I think my search terms might not be well constructed. If there is a manufacturer or site you know off hand, that would be super helpful.

That makes sense, and I could get down to it. Two things hold me up:

One thing is, I do not like painting. Even when I did the Warhammer Fantasy war game I painted everyone three colors with no detail and went from there. So if I could get something that did not need paint, it would end up being a much better look.

The other thing is, a lot of the minis have straight hair and European features (again, as I am familiar with them) so if I could get some representations that started out as depicting a character of color, it would be a more satisfying piece.

Good point, I’ll have to check out what folks are doing on eBay. I follow some GW related Reddit and Instagram pages, there are some super talented people out there painting minis.

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Do you have anyone in your group who does like to paint? I sometimes job out work like that to my crew :slight_smile:


Wish I could be of help, but my minis experience is prepainted D&D minis or WotC Star Wars.

That’s a good point. It’s not just skin color. Yeah?

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I have a small tote of hero clicks. A super hero game. Since I kit bash a lot the heros are very easy to revamp into what I want. You can usually pick up a “lot” on ebay and other sites for cheap. They are pre-painted and have lots of diversity in the figures. The bases are a hair bit bigger, inch and a fourth I think. Most are very easy to re-base with very little work.

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Right on. It’s the whole package.

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Good point. I don’t think anybody is passionate about it, but maybe if we collectively paint pieces it would increase interest and keep me on task. I’m playing with folks who are still relatively new to the hobby, so there are layers of neediness to which they have not been exposed. Could be a way to inspire some new interests (or obsessions?)

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Very creative, I will take a look.

Hero forge allows you to create and customize minis, albeit at a price. They recently added the option for painting them for you but I don’t know the extent. As I paint minis on occasion, it wasn’t an option I was interested in.

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I’ll check it out. I’m all for paying some money to save time, if it is reasonable

I am active in the paper terrain/miniatures community, and have tasked a large group of creators to help produce a link-dump of paper minis for POC PCs.

Given that they are spread pretty equally around the globe, it may take more than 24 hours, but you can expect a detailed reply.


Kick ass @OldSchoolDM! That’s awesome!

You sir, are the man. Thank you so much!

Arcknight makes flat plastic minis. I mostly think of them for creatures, but they do have a line of characters. Unfortunately, it appears they are not quite ready for what you’re looking for (and I know very little about Warhammer, so I don’t know if generic-but-non-Euro-fantasy is what you want):

This is in the works, and many more are immediately appearing in the PCXP (PC expansion) pack releasing soon with the delivery of the HBS1 Hardbound support Kickstarter.

The project is overdue and we’re rushing to get it finished, it should be done soon.

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Message: Howdy,
I’m wondering if you have enough non-Euro PC/NPC minis to put together a PoC set (or if you already sell such a thing). I looked at the Mankind collection, but it seemed pretty white. And you have such a large overall selection that I thought it might be quicker to ask than to search.