Dungeon World "A Monstrous Tale"

After a frustrating week of potential players showing up thinking it’s D&D, newbie players looking at a PDF and running away overwhelmed, or the all too often “I’m very interested” never to be heard from again. I’ve taken the plunge and joined the G&BS forums, with the hopes of finding one or two more players.The proper listing for the game can be found below.

PCs will portray monstrous races Goblins, Bugbears, Ogres etc.

Who : I’m a longtime GM/player. Nothing unique or special Rather than an expert someone with expertise.
What : Dungeon World for rules with Number Appearing(supplement) as inspiration and The Perilous Wilds for worldbuilding(supplement).
Where : Roll20
When : 5-9 PM Eastern Weekly Sundays
Why : Have a laugh. Chuck some dice


I’m not gonna lie to ya - this DOES sound interesting, but my schedule packed and I don’t have time to get into another game right now. I know we have some Dungeon World players that are listeners, and other listeners who’ve expressed interest. Hopefully you’ll find some takers.

Oh, and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:


Thanks Fafhrd for the kindest words. So if you’re Fafhrd does that mean Sean is the Grey Mouser? Bet ya haven’t heard that a 1000 times. Haha.

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