Does anyone else do this?

My groups typical gaming sessions are around 4 hours. We mostly play something dark like CoC, post apocalyptic or a zombie game where we sometimes are the lesser of two evils. Although the games are usually great, we decided to lighten it up a bit.
Mini games: Before each session, another player, (not the GM for the main game of the night) runs a mini game. This game usually lasts 15 min and is light and ridiculous. Here are some examples:

  • Your band just got their big break. Beyoncé is unable to perform at the super bowl last minute and you get a call. You must arrive before anyone else does. On your way you must take out snoop dog, caddi overflowing with smoke, Shakira, Marilyn Manson and so on. (Funny, stupid, light)
  • Twilight Zone 5 characters in search of an exit (mind f*ckey)

-Next will be a few characters from Robert Rodriguez’s films, Seth Gecko/Clooney, Machete/Trejo, EL Mariachi/Banderas, Cherry Darling/ McGowan. They are fighting their way through the night (vampire apocalypse) at a bar where Salma Hayek is the entertainment. (Stupid, light, funny)

Other benefits:
Multiple GMs. Everyone in my game group is a GM that wants to run every session. This, although brief, allows 2 GMs to run in one night.

New GMs: This is the biggest plus. Some players have never GMed/DMed/Kept/Mothered a game. This broke the ice for some of my players and was nice because it only lasted a few minutes. Also, no one was bummed due to their character dying (mini one shot game). Now I have a lot of GMs and good games where I can also play!

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I haven’t ever done this, but it sounds like a good idea when we start playing in person again.

That’s a cool idea, but I don’t know if I can wrap my mind around the 15 minutes thing. How do you get the players moving fast enough to finish anything? How does the Ref wrap that up in a satisfying way? Heck, would I love to try this! But I don’t know if I can… hmm…

Sounds very much like how improv troupes will warm up by simply playing more defined and brief things they’re already going to do in full form. Interesting idea.

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