Do You Want to Contribute to a BSer RPG Setting?

Something’s brewing on the Discord server.

A couple of days ago, @VJWyatt asked “How about a BSer community built setting?” on the Gaming & BS Discord server. Then @awoltrooper started a thread, and people started pitching ideas.

Because the plan is to take submissions from all BSers, the result is going to be an eclectic mish-mash of different domains somehow tied together. Awol suggested that maybe it’s a house where each door opens to a different plane. I mentioned that I’d had a dream about an infinite, inescapable apartment building, @jenesasquatch said that the Super is a really bored omniscient being, and from there it’s grown into Winding Oaks.

Little bits of theme

This is definitely the address they gave you, but… It’s just a beaten up apartment building. No glittering sign, no doorman outside, and the paint is chipping. Inside the lobby, the wallpaper is peeling and you hear the hum of old fluorescents. No one behind the front desk, so you decide to check the elevator. The walls are covered, floor to ceiling with buttons. No labels, no indication of floor numbers or even markings to tell them apart, simply hundreds and hundreds of faded copper buttons set against a dull grey backsplash. A smile crosses your face as you ponder the possibilities. What’s the worst that could happen? With that, you jamb a button on the wall, the doors close with a ding and you wonder where you’ll end up.

The building has been around longer than anyone can remember. Civilizations have risen and collapsed inside of it. Most people know of the few that are “nearby”, but no one has a wide view of all the regions that make up the apartment building as a whole.

The PCs are denizens of a vast apartment building (The Building) that comprises many floors (possibly an infinite number – no one knows for sure), each with a variable number of units. The floors and units differ drastically from one another, and some of them may be very strange indeed.

The thing I remember was that the floors didn’t line up. Like if you go down a flight of stairs, down a short corridor, and up another flight, you might be far away from where you descended, or a different place entirely.

There is no exit from The Building, or at least none has ever been found. There are units with exterior windows (not all of them on exterior walls) and balconies, but they all appear to be so high up that often the only view is of sky in all directions. Other times, from some windows you can see other parts of the building, maybe around a rooftop “courtyard” that you can cross, with antennas and rumbling HVAC units.

Want to contribute?

Things are still taking shape, and we’re accepting submissions of all types:

  • Locations: These could be a single room, a floor, a whole realm, a city block, a labyrinthine prison in space, or even just a closet.
  • Denizens: Who lives in this vast building? Wasteland raiders driving battle cars up and down the hallways, a secretive tribe of vent-dwellers on the 328th floor, a grizzled P.I. who knows how to find people for a price.
  • Rumors and Background: What’s up with the Super? What’s the real reason for this building to exist? Where do the garbage chutes lead? What will happen if the coal-shovellers on the 1001st floor stop feeding the furnace?
  • Random Tables: d8 reasons to be in Winding Oaks, 3d6 mundane means of reaching other floors, d100 Muzak covers you hear on the elevator, d66 things you find in a closet, d30 apartment-themed traps.
  • Mechanics: The setting is system-neutral, but maybe you have some ideas for procedural generating a hallway crawl, or how to run a turf-war between different factions.

The discussion so far has been taking place in a thread on the discord server. There’s pinned message there with a link to the Google Doc that @awoltrooper created. If you want to contribute, pitch an idea in the Discord thread to get some feedback (if you want), then add it to the Google Doc. The whole thing will be under a Creative Commons license, so make sure you’re good with sharing your work and letting others build off of it. Eventually, we’ll edit into something a bit more cohesive (but not too cohesive). After all, this is a setting by and for all BSers.


I’m going to leave a comment on here , because I would really like to add some stuff and be apart of this, but im tired right now, and this week is Skies of Glass work week…

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