Dialect - A game about language and how it dies

I’ve put up a listing for a game of Dialect in the spreadsheet if anyone is interested.

Dialect is made to be a one shot game played with 3-5 total players (i have included myself in the player count on the spreadsheet which is why it says for 2-4 players) in 4-5 hours. Players take on the role of a member of a group that has somehow become separated from the rest of society. Options range from shipwrecked and stranded folks on a remote island to mars colonists who have lost contact with earth. Other options include people in a commune, or children who fell through the cracks in the system and have formed a loose society of their own, trying to survive. The exact scenario is chosen at the beginning of the session.

Because the group is Isolated for a long time, their society evolves and differentiates from mainstream humanity over that period. And their language adapts as well, developing new slang, new words to describe important aspects of the Isolation, and new jargon, until players are utilizing this new dialect in play more and more. A new “language” is thus born as the Isolation continues to struggle.

This game is part worldbuilding, part wordmaking, and part roleplaying. A very unique and poignant game.

If you’re interested in playing please sign up. If you have questions, ask and I will try to answer them.