Delta Green - Last Things Last

Hi everyone,

I am planning to run Last Thinks Last from Delta Green on Thursday September 9th at 7 PM MST. I am sure I posted this incorrectly. I still have no clue what I am doing on these boards.
Check the spreadsheet for details.


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Great!! That makes two us us. We’ll figure it out. And we have plenty of assistance.

@Farty I added my name to the list on the sheet. Let me know if you need anything from me prior to the game. Otherwise I’ll be ready for Thursday. Do you have any other interested parties?

@Harrigan are you able to join?

@FeelinGoodLouis just you so far. I’ll hunt down some pre-gens so we don’t take up time with character creation.

I’ll probably push it out if it’s just the two of us. It can be played with one investor. We can run it with just us if you want, but I figure you might want some others there to bounce ideas off of.

No rush. I’d rather wait for at least one other player. I’m good for that time for future Thursdays if need be. Let’s see who we can recruit. It will give me time to find % dice that work in my favor. :wink:

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The time slot is maybe workable, but I’m not the best candidate here, as I know the operation very well and have run it. I can feign ignorance with the best of them, but this is really something best served cold.

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I should be able to play next Thursday night. And unlike @Harrigan, I know nothing about the scenario (and not very much about the system).

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Great!! I am definitely available next Thursday. I also don’t know the scenario. Should be fun. :grin:

I just ran the game last night and it was a blast. @jim and @FeelinGoodLouis are you still interested in a game on Thursday night? It should be okay to run with two. What time works better for you - 7 PM or 8 PM MST?

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Yep, Thursday still works for me. 7:00 MST would be better, but I can do either.

Great opening scenario, right?

I’m also good for Thursday. 7:00 mst is better. Looking forward to it.

Yes. It was definitely fun. It was pretty light on rolls, which was great. Two of the players were new to DG, so it was a very good intro. I need to practice a few pieces, but overall it went really well.

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You generally don’t want to be rolling in DG, so good on them. :wink:

In my experience with DG, if someone has to roll dice a few times, someone else ends up with a broken bone…or worse. :grin:

Ok. The game is set for Thursday September 16th at 7:00 PM MST. The link to the Roll20 game is here. There are a number of pregen character sheets loaded up. Feel free to go in and choose the one that interests you.

I guess we just use one of the game room channels on the G&BS discord. I’ll have to see how to book one of those channels.

Let me know if you have any questions.

@jim , @FeelinGoodLouis . Do you want to use the public room or would you prefer a closed game? I’m good with public in case someone wants to see DG.

I’m good with public.

I’m fine with either.

I see 3 character sheets attached. Oscar, Gloria, and Osvaldo. Are these the ones to choose from?