Delta Green - BLACKSAT

I’m looking for a few players to run through a starter scenario of Delta Green from the book Control Group called BLACKSAT.

Delta Green - One Shot
Delta Green is a highly secretive covert agency inside the federal government that has spent the last four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. It’s mission is to investigate, contain, and conceal unnatural events, because the unnatural is real and it kills. You will fight to keep cosmic evil from claiming human lives and sanity - or at least push back that darkness for another day. Delta Green agents fight to save humanity from unnatural forces - often at a shattering personal cost.

DELTA GREEN IS A HORROR GAME, and not just any horror game. It’s about cosmic terror. It’s about confronting threats beyond human comprehension. It’s about the end of humanity and the struggle to keep it at bay just a little longer. Don’t let the title fool you. While you may play highly trained federal agents, you are up against unspeakable horrors that are out to kill you, or leave you babbling to yourself in a padded room. This game will present traumatic and uncomfortable content that will not appeal to some of you. Please do not apply if you are overly sensitive.

Game Information:
Schedule: Saturday, September 25th at 11:00 AM MDT (UTC-6 hours)
Group Size: 3 - 5
Game Length: approximately 3 - 4 hours

Who am I?
I’m very new to the Delta Green. This will be the third game I’ve run, so there might be some challenges with the rules. That said, this scenario is friendly to new Investigators and Handlers. I’ve been DMing D&D 5e since the start of 2020 and am starting to venture out into some different RPGs. This game reminds me of the X-Files or Millennium TV shows from the late '90s.

Game Expectations:

  • We use Roll20 for game play
  • We use Discord for voice during the game.
  • You will need a headset with a decent mic, or a dedicated quiet place to play every game night. Background noise is very disruptive. Not being able to hear you is frustrating.

I’ll be using pregen characters to avoid wasting game time to roll up new characters. You can read the rules here.

Let’s give this another shot. I’m going to post this on Roll20 as well to see if I can round out the group. I’m hoping to get 5 players. I’ve got 5 pre-gens ready to go.

Game Information:
Schedule : Saturday, October 9th anytime before 3:00 PM MDT (UTC-6 hours)
Group Size : 5
Game Length: approximately 3 - 4 hours