DCC Lankhmar "The Madhouse Meet"

I’d like to offer to run my online version of the DCC Lankhmar adventure “The Madhouse Meet” for you BSers now I’ve got time to do it even with your crazy time zones (I got furloughed from my job) so hit me up if you’re interested and we’ll set it up!

I’ll be running on Discord with the video stream so you can see the dungeon tiles/minis set up. You’ll just need Discord (the app rather than the browser based version) a headset, mic and a decent internet connection.


I’m interested. Looks awesome. My schedule is… sporadic? When would you be thinking. Also, I have the desktop application, but I’m curious, what’s the difference between the browser based and the desktop of Discord that you need the desktop?

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The browser based version doesn’t (or didn’t when I first tested this setup in the run up to virtual Gary Con) support the ability to view a video stream.

As for schedule I’m pretty flexible. I’m looking to run this as a one shot and I’d like to schedule 4-5 hours to give myself some wiggle room and avoid a rushing to wrap it up. The earliest would be next weekend but I’m flexible, happy to do late nights or early mornings to suit!

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I have pre gens but folk are welcome to roll their own: Literary Lankhmar class restrictions (humans only, no clerics) but I can easily help you convert Wizard, Warrior or Thief characters rolled with standard DCC rules)


Roll your own, I trust you! If you need funky dice grab the Crawlers Companion app from purplesorcerer.com

Caught some of this live. Nice job Bruce!

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Hi Bruce,
I would be interested but I am not familiar with DCC. I can try and learn as much as I can before, but you would be teaching a newcomer the ropes if you are okay with that. If you want to keep the game going I would understand no worries on my part.
Sorry about getting furloughed, that sucks!

@Idahogamer I should have been clearer in my original post - this is open to everyone. I judge a lot of DCC and any public game I run is open to new players. It’s not a complicated system and I’m happy to teach as we go!

I’d love to play. The only hard stipulations would be I can’t do Sunday 6pm-10pm central (US time). Otherwise it will depend on work/children demands.

Hi Bruce,
Count me in then, and thank you! The only day I can’t is on Sundays.
Mike Hess

@Idahogamer @LaramieWall and @Luckstrider How does the morning of this Saturday 25th look? Are you all CDT time and if so is 8AM too early?

Space for a couple more players, @Hobbs?

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once again, I’m likely the odd man out. I’d be looking at probably a random weekday.

Random weekday works for me too. Lets see what the consensus is.

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I’m behind on my G&BS pod listening so I was worried I missed this. I can do random weekdays, I own the DCC big book, but haven’t played. (Seems scarce in CT). I have a decent familiarity with Lankhmar but didn’t buy the expansion. Wouldn’t mind trying it out, but not in a rush if the boat is full.


Random weekday works for me as well. I can be flexible for the most part. I am in the mountain time zone, i’m only an hour behind you guys, so don’t let that worry you.

@Loughon_the_Bard you’re in. Worst case if I can’t get everyone in the same game I’ll run another session.

…and welcome to the band!

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I can kinda do random weekdays as well right now (quarantine work from home), but my boss has been randomly setting meetings up for me pretty last minute. I’d say throw out a day and time and I can see if it works? (I can do your Saturday time, for example but it sounds like another day may work better).

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Alright guys,

My weekday schedule next week is completely clear. I’m offering an afternoon my time (GMT+1/British Summer Time) which would be morning across the US. I’m happy to adjust the start time to suit the most westerly player (lets avoid any 4AM starts which I DID have for a player in Pacific North West in one of my Cyclops Con sessions!)

Lets try and get a minimum of three players committed here before I open it out to a more public audience.

welcome to the forums Cory!

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I am okay with any weekday but Monday Nights. If you want to play during the day just let me know so I can move my work schedule around. And thank you for avoiding the 4am start.

I registered weeks ago and don’t think I ever did do an intro post lol. Surprise! Here I am!