DCC funnel, anyone?

Time for another DCC session!

This time, I’m going to run a proper level 0 funnel. This will be a one-shot, but I will be running additional level 1+ games in the future, and funnel survivors will get first dibs and be able to bring their surviving characters into those games.

1) Players

Looking for 4-6 players total.

@Luckstrider @billarnold @Akodoken @Bohnhoff : You have expressed interest on the Roundtable Sheet, so let me know if you’re still interested.

@Gabe @Georgesedg @kid_kraken @Harrigan @Grotonomus : You either played in my recent DCC level 1 game or expressed interest in this, so I figured I’d check if you’re interested in playing in this funnel as well.

2) Timing

Depends on the group. I’ll send a Doodle once we have a set of players. Aiming for some time in July.

3) Adventure

Depends on which funnels the players have already played. Likely either my go-to funnel “Sisters of the Moon Furnace”, or the brand-new DCC Day module “Beneath the Well of Brass”.

4) Characters

Pre-gens will be provided. Each of you will get 3-4 characters, depending on our group size.

5) VTT & Logistics

Foundry VTT. All you need is your web browser. No prep or reading needed.

Please comment below if you’re interested in playing.


Yes, I am definitely interested.

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I am definitely interested!! (schedule allowing)

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I would like to as well, please!

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Interested, but will totally depend upon timing.

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I’m in! DCC is fun!

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Ditto with Wayne – sure!

Depends on timing / availability / whether my Patron is smiling…


Great, thanks for the interest!

I’ll try to get a Doodle out soon to coordinate a time.

Everyone: When you have a chance, please fill out this Doodle poll to indicate what days/times work for you.

This covers the two-week period from Fri 7/16 to Fri 7/30. Generally 7pm MDT on weeknights and either 10am or 7pm MDT on weekends. I can shift these by +/- 1 hour if necessary.

I’ll pick the date/time that works for most of you. If we don’t get critical mass, I’ll try to recruit more players to fill the gaps.



Mirko, thank you! Filled.
If scheduling works better without my inclusion, move forward, please! My gaming, times are weird this summer, as, for the first time in ages, I’m playing in several games at once. Weds games, Sunday, etc.

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Alrighty, I filled in the poll!

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Thanks if you’ve already filled out the Doodle. And another plug if you haven’t.

So far, Tue 7/20 or Wed 7/21 at 7pm MDT look like the most promising options (3 out of 4 people that submitted the poll can make it those days).

Brand new to DCC. I still have to read the rules. Weekends are not great for ongoing games, but I can probably make a one shot or short campaign work.

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Welcome, @Farty. When you have a chance, please fill out the Doodle poll to indicate what days/times work for you.

As soon as we identify a day that works for the majority of folks (at least 4), I’ll go ahead and schedule the session. This will be a 4-hour one-shot.

Regarding rules: While you’re obviously welcome to read these, don’t feel like you have to. Level 0 funnel mechanics are simple (as DCC class features don’t become active until level 1), and I’m happy to teach these during the session.

Would love to join in, Mirko, but it’s not in the cards this month. One day!

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Let’s go with Thu July 29, 7pm - 11pm MDT.

(I have some flexibility in the start time depending on what works best for folks; anywhere between 6:30pm MDT and 8pm MDT works for me.)

It looks like 3 of the Doodle responders are available that day (@Luckstrider @Bohnhoff @Georgesedg).

I’ll see if I can drum up some more interest on the Discord. We can run with 3 players, but 3-5 would be better.

Unless any of you have already played this adventure, I’ll run “Sisters of the Moon Furnace”.

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Hi, I can make that time if there’s still room



@Farty Absolutely! Happy to have you join.

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Cool. It’ll be my first game on this server and with DCC. Should be interesting.


There’s a slim but increasing chance I can play. Is there still a slot open?