Dawn of Defiance - Traitor's Gambit - Special

Scenario Name: Traitor’s Gambit
Event Date : Thursday, February 25
Time: 8:00pm to 11:00pm CT
Sign up deadline: 8pm cdt Saturday, February 20
Note: This will NOT be streamed. We will use Foundry VTT and Zoom. You will need your character completed no later than 11:30pm Tuesday, February 23. Pregens will be available.

I am going to run Traitor’s Gambit. This is a multi-episode scenario from the Dawn of Defiance campaign. It will span multiple sessions; therefore, I need a group of individuals that can commit to approximately 6-8 game sessions. In short, this is not a one shot.

Same characters from Screaming Womp Rats can be used, or new characters are welcome.

@Eric_Salzwedel, @Gabe I have you guys down for this. Ok? Reminder, this is not a one shot. Looking for a short term commitment.

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I’m down for whatever is managed among the group. I have a number of Conan engagements coming down the pipeline suddenly, but I’ll make sure to arrange those to accommodate whatever ultimately works out here, Sean.

I’m going to postpone this and maybe run a one shot that THursday.

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