D&D/OSR module for 3-4 level with LOTS of social interaction

Hey all -

My players LOVE social interaction. Sometimes I wonder if D&D 5e is the game for them, maybe they would rather play something like Good Society or something…

For example, in every encounter with a sentient being or group of sentients, they always want to talk to them first. ALWAYS. I guess in real life, that’s a good strategy.

They are 3-4th level right now, but anything in the next 3-5 level ranges will work too. After that, the overarching threads of the meta campaign I’ve got running may start to come together.

Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan is flat out.

Anyway, looking to the BSers to find out if there are some modules that have a lot of NPC interaction? I can convert any F20 type module or even whackier OSR type thing into 5e, that’s no problem.

Thanks BSers! (said like Sean says at the very end of every episode)


The Assassin’s Knot by Len Lakofka is an AD&D module for player’s L2-5, and it might fit the bill. I tried to play this back in the day with my group and it failed because they were all murder hoboes, but this sounds like what your group is looking for.


Thanks @Rumble that looks just what the doctor ordered. And only $5 on Drive thru. That said I own L1 Secret of Bone Hill, so the completist (or at least continuist) in me wants a physical copy.


Awesome, glad to help…more of these older modules should be being played

I’m a big fan of Doom of the Savage Kings, DCC module #66.5. It’s got a good amount of combat as well, but the social interactions in the village can be gold, Jerry, gold! Especially with the Jarl, the witch, the tavern owner and his daughter, the Jarl’s thegns if the GM spends a little time giving them different personalities. The level’s a little lower, but easy to bump up in whatever system you’re using.

Aside: Played Good Society at a Con a couple of months ago… dug it, and I even won the young lady’s hand, despite playing a stuffy British officer who couldn’t get in touch with his emotions if his life (or financial well-being) depended on it. =]

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I remember this being a good social adventure. I also (maybe wrong) think there is a hefty powerful magic item in there…like a cloak of etheralness or something because back when our gaming was “what module we playing through today?” everybody wanted to play this to snag that thing. I might be misremembering though…my noggin is not what it used to be.

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