D&D Character Class Poll

Hey everyone!

Out of random curiosity, I decided to pull all of the classes that existed in 3rd and 4th edition that don’t have a base class equivalent in D&D 5e, and asked which ones people would still like to see as a base class.

In some cases, these older classes have been reimagined as subclasses, but I left them on the list as long as they don’t have a dedicated 5e base class with the same name.

This list only includes classes published by WOTC for D&D, and doesn’t touch on the whole gamut of 3rd party classes floating around out there.

If this sounds fun, pop in and drop your answers!



You’ve tapped into a ripe topic. I’ve played 5E since it launched and I understand the design decision to allow classes diversity with the subclass options, but even after all these years, I am not convinced 5E is deep enough mechanically to do those subclasses justice. Everything still feels like the base class with not enough flavor to be diverse. Just my two cents.

The binder from tome of magic. A better warlock than the warlock.

Which edition was that? I cannot recall the Binder. Sounds pretty cool though


It was the 3.5 version of the Tome of Magic. Binders learned seals that they could activate to borrow power from beings that were fading from existence. Each creature had a unique set of powers that they grant the binder that summons them. The class could do multiple things based on what seals they learned and which ones were active at a given time.

This is the same book that had Shadowcasters and Truenamers. Shadowcasters weren’t TOO different from standard casters, except that you had to learn spells withing certain groups before moving to another group. Truenamers were a neat concept, where you would learn different parts of general names, and you could research specific creature’s truename. It was a skill based caster, but despite being really cool in concept, it was a little too outside of 3.5’s design principals to work well.


omg i LOVED the Binder class!!!

It always felt like a fun / more interesting version of the Warlock.

It felt like it could have been so much more but was just never given the love it deserved

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Gonna have to dig up a copy and see what it’s all about

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Oh man, I completely forgot about the binder class. The vestiges and how they shared powers/abilities with the character was such an interesting concept.

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