D&D 5e books for sale

Hi, Bsers. I am offloading my 5e books, which are in excellent shape (near mint–living on my shelf, untouched). I will send pics for those interested. I have most of them–I just have other rpg interests and am not likely to give these a run. So if you are looking for

  • Mordenkainens, Xanathar’s Volos,
  • Strahd (with Tarok cards), Rime, Saltmarsh, Dragon double (Hoard and Rise of Tiamat), Tomb of Annihilation (edit: sold), Storm Kings
  • Sword Coast Advent Guide (edit: sold)

…then maybe this is a good deal for you.

I’m thinking 22 plus shipping per book, except the special Tasha’s for 50. But I’d negotiate, especially if more than 1 book is on your list.

Hit me up if interested.
Thx, George.

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Thread edit: Hoard and Rise, Mordenkainens, Rime, and Strahd are sold. As are Sword Coast and Tomb!

So far, it has been great dealing with the bsssssr’s here. And thanks for understanding–honestly, selling any of my games is killling me. But at the same time, I have to trim my collection sometime. And right now, I’m feeling way more old school.

Be well, friends


@Georgesedg did you unload everything in this post. Was wondering so I could lock it if need be.

Sean, I didn’t, but I think I’ll unload the rest–just a few remain–in RPG auctions on Facebook. So, locking is cool! Thank you!