Coyote and Crow One Shot

I am really excited to get my hands on Coyote and Crow next week and wondering if anyone wants to get a one-shot in before holidays mess up the schedules.

Below is my initial CATS descriptions. Will refine once I have the rule book.

Concept: Non-colonial North American Indigenous sci-fi
Aim: Try out the system and explore the setting from the included adventure.
Tone: Action adventure, perhaps a little pulpy. Will lean lighter and more hopeful as the world comes out of an ice age
Subject Matter: Action, responsibility, community, possibly violence

I plan to move the starting point for the adventure to the territory of Ti’Swaaq Alliance in what we know as the Pacific Northwest and incorporate both Saliyapi (Chinook Wawa or Jargon) and Chahi and the territory on which I live.

Hoping to run sometime between Dec 5 and 17th.

Will use Discord for mustering and the Gaming & BS Discord game rooms for the game.

Let me know below, on discord or in the gaming moot sheet if you are interested.


I backed it as well and are interested in a one shot

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I’m interested. I think my wife is starting a game soon so may not be able to join but I’ll keep an eye on the thread and join if possible.


@ghostdm23 @Isaiah How does your week coming up look? I think I will be ready to run (somewhat imperfectly I am sure) by Tuesday the 7th. If there is a day that works for you I will post in Discord and see if we can get 1 or 2 more people in to round out the party and give this a try.

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I can play on Tuesday after 7 EST or Friday after 6 EST this week

I can do Friday at 6 EST as well. I’m an hour ahead so it’d be 7 PM, which is perfect.

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Great, Friday around 1800 EST it is. It will be soft start time as I am in Pacific time so will likely be jumping straight from work to the game. Will see if I can round up 1 or 2 more players on Discord.

Is Discord good for voice (and optional video)?

I will get the pregens from the book into some PDFs to play from and may try out my new Foundry install.

Everything about that sounds great.

But I have to change my time availability- I thought I was working from home on Friday. I need to go in, so with the drive I won’t be able to log in until 7:00 EST. Could that still work? I am so sorry for switching things up :disappointed:

How is the new year looking? Are you interested in trying to get this in before BSer con, or are you thinking of signing up for my game on that weekend?