Covenstead: A Podcast about Gaming and Magic

Still… recovering from… shock of… the show… ending.

Guess that means some of us will have to go off and launch our own shows. As promised, here is the link to my new podcast, Covenstead: A Podcast of Gaming and Magic.

Every New and Full Moon, my co-host Dannie Del-isle (pronounciation brackets free of charge) talk about tabletop roleplaying games and modern-day witchcraft, Pagansim, Wicca, and how they intersect. You’d be surprised how much these two circles have in common. For example, have you ever considered character creation to be a ritual? How have interpretations of witchcraft shaped the hobby? What do witches and gamers have in common? Plus we talk about building our own game of witches vs machines, Ironbound: Guardians of Novala.

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Good luck!


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