Cortex RPG and Fandom

This is very interesting, beyond the fact that I personally like Cortex Plus as a system. Fandom, the company behind D&D Beyond, as purchased the Cortex System, and are going to fully digitally support the system in a manner similar to D&D Beyond.

I have really wondered what it would look like if something else had that kind of comprehensive electronic support, and I guess we’ll see now. I’m very curious to see if they also managed to pick up some licenses to use with the Cortex Plus system in the future.

I never really used Cortex plus but I did play the original Serenity RPG which I think used the Cortex system. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

And I believe the Firefly RPG uses Cortex Plus. Maybe Marvel RPG, too.

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I don’t want this to sound bad, but I always felt like the original Cortex System felt a lot like diet Savage Worlds.

I liked the more dynamic rules in Cortex Plus (which each had their own little quirks on how to build dice pools, but all had some kind of spending resources to alter what you can put in the pool, and having different stats or traits ranked by die sizes).

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Yeah, the Cortex Plus games were Smallville, Marvel Heroic, Firefly, and Leverage, and the Hackers Guide that reduced the core mechanics of the above games to either the Action, Drama, or Heroic core rules.

@JaredR I didn’t read Savage Worlds until after Serenity (which used the original Cortex system) so it was new and exciting at the time but I agree, I recognised the parallels when I read SW (I’ve still never played SW though!)

I’ve got the Firefly RPG (Cortex Plus) in PDF but I never got around to running it.

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