Cortex Prime One Shot (if you can call it that)

@Gabe Borrowing your template my good sir, hope you don’t mind :wink:

Session Name : Cortex Prime One shot

System : Cortex Prime

Event Date and Time : February 20th 2021 7:00 PM EST

Player Min/Max : 2/4

Equipment Requirements: Discord (we’ll use the Gaming & BS server if @sean allows it) for video and voice. I’ll use video and voice but players can just use Voice if they prefer.

Game Information: The purpose of this session is to run some BS’ers through a couple of encounters to teach the Cortex Prime rules, nothing fancy nor complicated, trust me (hence the typical fantasy setting). Pregens will be provided for players to choose from.

Length: 2hrs (we’ll play it by ear). Thoughts, Q&A and/or more in-depth explanations afterwards (if players and listeners so choose).

Privacy: Anybody that’s not a player can join the session (as long as the group as a whole is okay with it) but they need to have their mic muted until the actual session is done. Then they can ask questions if they want. :smile:

Contact : Comment or PM me here or on Discord.

PREGENS: Just easier to post them here and have players pick them out. Make sure to reply to this thread with the one you want. Also, print it out and roll your own physical dice if you want.



I’ve read Cortex Prime but haven’t played it or any other Cortex based game yet, so this would be a great opportunity to get a feel for the mechanics.

(As I mentioned on Discord, there’s a small chance I may be traveling that day; if that’s the case I’ll let you know asap so someone else has the opportunity to get into the game.)

Update: Still interested in general, but unfortunately I can’t make it this weekend after all.

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No problem! This is very informal and more instructional than anything else. Depending on how it goes, I’ll do it again if there’s more interest. Right now, I’m playtesting my Numenera Hack, just did a short sesh last night. Received some great feedback, from both new and veteran Cortex players.

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Not only allowed but encouraged.

Unfortunately, it turns out I won’t be available this weekend after all.

Hoping there will be another opportunity in the future.

Do you welcome players new to Cortex Prime? I have years of playing other systems but I am curious about Cortex because of the Dragon Prince version coming out.

I will need help making a PC.

@TYMONGER This game is is going to teach the system. New players are specially welcome. I will provide the normal tropes for pregens and teach the rules through them. Don’t worry about creating a character. If I run an actual adventure then we would create characters.

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I can’t make this Saturday work but I will keep my eye out for future sessions. I really want to try this.

Send the info I need to I will be there with no bells on. hehe
Discord Tymonger#1829

That’s fine. I’ll send you the stuff sometime today after work. We can run some simple encounters to check out the mechanics of the system even if it one player so don’t worry.

Made an edit to the original post to have the pregens there and some instructions for the thread. Let me know if you have any questions!