Coriolis One Shot

Looks like there is a lot of interest in Coriolis on Discord and it has been sitting on my shelf for far too long and read a couple times now. Picking up the atlas compendium to and will check out the system and mission generators and run anyone interested through it.

System: MYZ
Focus: TBD
Avoiding: Leaning too hard into the Arabian Nights in space. I know enough about Islam and Arabian history to be dangerous, but not enough to be nuanced with those cultures. I know its one of the focuses of the game, but I am not sure if any of the developers are Muslim or Arab. This makes me cautious about the accuracy/respect of the setting.

Targeting later August or early September to run

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If it’s a one shot, I might be interested, depending on time and day. Also have it on my shelf but haven’t played it yet.

Thanks for finally putting together Matthew (@mgr). I’ve been on the sheet for a while. :slight_smile:


I am getting a couple of scenarios together and hope to run this soon if people have time. Will be just a one shot this time. Tagging you in @Farty if you are free and interested. Will also post on the discord and see if anyone else who isn’t monitoring the forums can join in.

Any dates and times that work well for folks?

I am usually free after 5PM Pacific M, W, F and most times on the weekends. The week of 8/30 I will be on Vacation and back on Monday Labor day.


Thanks for the invite! I am free just about every Tuesday and Thursday after 7 pm MST/ 6 Pacific. If it’s a one shot I can probably make a Friday night or Saturday/ Sunday morning. I just have to check the date to confirm I’m free.

Looks like weekend might be our day of overlapping availability. Friday night or Saturday morning would likely work for me. I will post again on Discord and see if we can get 1 or 2 more players. Does the weekend of Sept 10th work?

For the game are you interested in the spaceship combat or more of standard characters actions?

Also if you have a preference between mercenaries or pilgrims let me know and I will get some pregens together.

That weekend works for me. I have no experience with the game and would love to see it all, but if you need to limit that is okay with me. I don’t have a preference between the two. As far characters go… how about retired mercs on a pilgrimmage. :slight_smile:


That weekend should work for me. The wife is working and it looks like it’s going to be cool, so we’re probably not going to the lake.

I know very little about Coriolis, so either mercenary or pilgrim works - whatever’s easier. I’ll be picking up the Quickstart rules today.

Good to hear. I like the idea of retired merc pilgrims. Will work with the rules to create some pregens that fit that and fill out the scenario a bit more.

Does Friday night or Saturday morning work better?

Saturday morning for me

Are you still planning Coriolis next week?

Yep, going to spend some time tomorrow getting the scenario and pregens together. Will post on the discord and see if anyone else wants to join then too.

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Heads up, I may have to cancel Saturday. I have been unwell the past couple of days and haven’t been able to prep as much as I would like. Also this particular thing makes talking very hard and if it doesn’t clear out I won’t be much use as a GM. Will confirm tomorrow if I have to cancel. If so I am back Sept 22 onward to try again.

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Hey @mgr - any update?


Hey, I am sorry going to have to postpone this. Feeling a bit better, but not enough to run tomorrow. Is Saturday still the best day?

Saturdays will work better for me in October, but mornings. My wife likes to sleep in. Afternoons and evenings are family time.

I am west coast. Saturday morning is fine as long as it is not too early - say 8:30AM PST or later.


Cool, my next available Saturday is Oct 2nd if that will work for you. I am thinking of 9am PT if that works. Will send Discord friend requests and post pregens there soon.


As mentioned on discord I finally have some time again now to put together games. Hope to get some characters put together this weekend if you are still interested. May also finally get on the Foundry band wagon as a lot of my games are showing up on there so may run this through the forge if that’s ok.