Convention Prep checklist/ inventory

With Gamehole jussssst around the corner, I’ve started a list of what I need to bring. In the past, this has always been a mental list, but I think I need to make it a little more formalized, just to not forget things. SO, here’s my list, what would YOU add?

Note cards (I like to bring more than one size)
Paper clips
Rubber bands
wet erase markers
dry erase markers
a pen or two
LOTS of dice
Character sheets (game I’m running)
Maps (game I’m running)
Minis (game I’m running)
rule books
laptop and power cord
tablet and power cord
charging cord for phone
charging cord for watch
power strip (for hotel paired with the above items)
full sized coffee pot for hotel room (laugh at me as you will, it’s worth it)
thermos (well, I have all that coffee now)
thermal pint glass
a couple refillable water bottles
Standard toiletries
Standard clothing

OK crew, what am I forgetting/ REALLY should know about?


Looks like you’ve got it nailed. The only ‘must have’ I don’t see is medicinal: pain killers/throat lozenges etc

My gaming bag contents generally remain unchanged so I can just grab that as is. I pack materials for each con game into it’s own box file or envelope.


AirBorne/EmergenC. Daily, every morning or everynight. Or both.

Do you use a one of those chessex wet erase 1" square battle-mats?

I also don’t see any mention of the actual scenario you may be running. That’s one of my biggest fears - to show up at my game and realize I brought the wrong stack of papers, and I don’t actually have what I was planning to run! (Actually happened to me in my home group recently, but it was ok I winged it and they are forgiving).


HOLY PETE! You’re right, I DIDN’T have that on the list.
Granted, I have a heavily edited version saved online, that’s STILL the kinda thing you want to bring.

50 xp