Conan 2d20 via Discord

Hello, BS-eeers! (I’m hearing Sean’s voice in my head as I write this.)

Okay, I’m feeling a bit of withdrawal. Because of the pandemic, I put on hiatus my Conan 2d20 game, and I’m getting a pretty clear signal from my regular group that it is not interested in continuing online. So I’m appealing to this likeminded community of cool people.

Who. Anyone interested in playing/exploring Conan 2d20. All ”experience” levels welcome. Interested but not ready to commit? That’s fine, too, if you still want to accept the invitation (at the bottom of this solicitation) and just be sociable on Discord and see how this game develops.

What. Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of. Modiphius’s 2d20 system. Human-centric, “low magic” setting in the antediluvian Hyborian Age. Action oriented with plenty of tactical options. The adventures are episodic and story-centric. Feel like you just want to try it out, maybe leave after an adventure? Great! The system is perfectly suited for that kind of play.

When. Chat would be ongoing. Depending on everyone’s schedule, a Voice-based “meetup” could be scheduled.

Where. Discord. I know there are many potential platforms out there, but Discord gives to me (as GM) just what I want and nothing more.

Why. Because I crave gaming interaction. Because I don’t want my familiarity with the 2d20 system to grow stale during this personal isolation. Because I want to tell exciting, pulp-oriented tales with my friends.

How. I see this as negotiable. To begin, I imagine character creation and a discussion of player expectations taking place entirely by Chat. The game most likely would “begin“ in Chat, as well. I can see, though, particularly in Action scenes, a desire for the group to resolve the situation more quickly (as Action is expected to be resolved) through real-time Voice interaction. If this becomes desirable—or even possible, because of individual gamer schedules—this will be arranged on a case by case basis. I guess you can call this a Play-by-Post format with the option to supplement/hybridize it with Voice.

Expectations. I am interested in hearing and responding to all player requests concerning character types, settings, and adventures. My own expectations, besides all that make for all around good gaming, are these: no Ghosting, please. I am totally fine and understanding of anyone who needs to drop out, but if you choose to do so (and your character is part of an adventure), please tell me, don’t just go silent and unreachable to the group. Also, my ideal PbP format is (at least) daily interaction. What I ask is that players at least check for activity on the server at least once a day. And, when the Action becomes pulse-pounding, I ask for a little more attention (and perhaps a Voice meetup).

Honestly, if the most that comes of this is a few people generating characters and Chatting enthusiastically about Conan and rpgs in general, I will be satisfied.

Join up!

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Looks cool, Eirvit. Might be interested.

A) I love gritty, human-centric sword and sorcery.

B) I dig Discord.

C) I’d like to learn the Conan 2d20 system. Don’t know it, but I do have and am passingly familiar with Star Trek Adventures.

D) I have bags of PbP experience. Have run and played games in that format since the mid 1990s, sometimes with great success.

E) Dude. It’s Conan.

Much depends on when you might play, for how long, etc. In other words, is this asynchronous play-by-post, where people are writing in with longer and more detailed posts when they can, or is this more real-timey play-by-chat where you try to get everyone online at the same time and blast through a scene?

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I’m going to PM you a fresh invite, but, for the purposes of the community, I will answer your questions here.

What has happened is that I currently have two gamers (relative strangers enlisted either through this forum or on G&BS on Discord) who are plucking away at a fairly slow-moving and “traditional” PbP. One of them wants to schedule a meetup via Voice or Video and play through a scene or two, maybe a whole adventure, largely because he (understandably) has difficulty keeping up with the attrition-prone nature of PbP. The other has limited availability for a meetup, so we’ve been interacting—sometimes all at once—via Chat. Because of these slightly divergent purposes, there are real questions regarding the resiliency of the play experience.

I enlisted a third player, an old friend of mine currently residing in Qatar. Because of the eight-hour time difference, I’ve moved his character out of the “main” group, and we’ve been running a pretty successful one-player adventure starring his character alone. When I get up in the morning, here in the Midwest, it’s afternoon for him in Qatar—we’re both isolating in our homes—and we Chat away for awhile in real time.

If you’re interested in a prose-heavy, one-player Conan adventure, so am I! One of the reasons I love Conan in a text medium is because of the opportunity it provides to craft purple, pulpy, evocative descriptions. If you want to do this, if you join in, I’ll start a separate channel for your character’s adventures.

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Hey there sorry if I’m late. I found your post via a google search. I’ve had Conan 2d20 for a while now and only had a chance to play it once. I’m itching to try it again. Your Discord link has since expired, so I figured I’d try posting a reply. Is this still a thing?

@Gabe I’d be interested in playing this too. I have the core book and dice. I need to wrap up my semester first (I’m a college professor). But I’d be ready to play in a few weeks. That would give me time to read the core book some too.

Hey, NOLAbert!

We’ve got four of us doing this right now. I’ve been GM for two Sundays in a row—should wrap up the first adventure next Sunday. Most everyone in the group is interested in GMing; there should be some rotation, and the episodic nature of the game is ideal for multiple GMs and players and drop in/out.

I’ll PM you the Discord invite. This group has evolved from strictly PbP to solely Voice and Roll20 on Sunday nights (possibly to move to Saturday). Some of the company I scraped up from the Modiphius forums—and most recently JayBob from here!

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Hi Gabe, just found this while searching google for a Conan 2d20 Group. Do you still have an open spot?
I played Conan already a little so I’m familiar with the basic rules.:slightly_smiling_face:

I figured I should take a moment to say that I am currently full up! Since posting this call, I’ve rotated through some games and some players, I enlisted some folks from this community and some from the Modiphius forums, and we currently have an ongoing game on Sunday nights comprising 5 players (with the promise of rotating GMs)! It’s a good group. Thanks for the interest, everyone!

This thread is therefore sort of “closed.” But if anyone has interest, simply comment (as Henkigerfu did above), and I’ll be sure to note your willingness to play, in the event that we have an opening in the future.

Thanks again, Gaming & BSers!

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I’m still interested Gabe, but I’ve been too busy to check out the Discord server. But keep me in mind if you need another player.

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