Conan 2d20: Satisfaction of the Sea-Witch

Conan 2d20: Satisfaction of the Sea-Witch

Full upon my mouth she pressed her scarlet lips, and a surging flame suffused my entire body. Yet it was life—not death. Against my chest I felt the pressure of her swelling breasts, and fires undreamable streamed from her heart to mine. Time itself stood still. After an eon or so she unwound her clinging arms from about my neck and turned away, and with never a backward glance she entered that waiting, ghostly dragon-ship. The oars dipped. . . .

The Sea-Witch


A terrible storm at sea. A few mighty-thewed characters wash up on a rocky beach on an island outside of Argos. A witch awaits them.

She wants revenge…

“Satisfaction of the Sea-Witch” is an introductory scenario that hopefully can be completed in a few hours. This “one-shot” adventure has not been run for BSers yet.

Time: Friday, January 28. 6-10 pm
Location: BS’er Con con-room-4
Tickets Available: 4

Player Characters
Pre-gens will be provided, but players are welcome to bring their own. Any player providing their own character should send it to me (via Discord is fine) no later than 24 hours before the time of the event. The character needs to be on a form-fillable PDF.

The most efficacious generation process is through use of Modiphius’s online character generator. Any players who use this option should be alerted to potential pitfalls and hazards as described here.

Use Normal character creation. Also confine your options to those in the Core Book and in Conan the Pirate The Homelands most suitable for this adventure are Vanaheim, Zingara, Aquilonia, Argos, Shem, Stygia, and Kush. Any of the Archetypes in the Core Book and in Conan the Pirate are suitable.

Anyone who has played in any of my past games is welcome to bring previous characters. Please just alert me of your intention at least 24 hours before game time, so I can locate your character or ask you to provide it.

Subject Matter
This adventure features adult content, which includes violence, nudity, and the potential for human sacrifice.

Sounds awesome! Color me interested.

I just added a folder containing pregens for those who want to view them before the event and don’t want to make their own characters using the online character generator.

To preview pregens prior to this event, please follow this link. Pregens are designed without names, appearance, or personality, so that players can intrude their own. The genders, unfortunately, have defaulted to Male, but these can be changed at selection.