Conan 2d20: Death in Fort Defiance

Scenario Name: Death in Fort Defiance

System: Robert E. Howard’s Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of (aka Conan 2d20)

Event Date and Time: Thursday, February 18. 7:30-11:30 CST (GMT-6)

Sign Up Deadline: Tuesday, February 16. Midnight.

Player Min/Max: 2/4

Equipment Requirements: Reliable Web connection and Discord, earphones and mic; a camera is preferred, but not necessary

Game Requirements: A personally-generated character submitted to me no later than the sign up deadline. I am available for questions. Contact me via one of the methods below. A form-fillable character sheet is available on Discord (I will add, via direct invitation, any interested players). Otherwise, the online generator is easy and highly recommended. If you use the online character generator, however, please note that there are a few drop-down menus (otherwise you’re automatically going to have a Boar Spear for one of your weapons). Any material from any of the game supplements is acceptable, though sticking to the Core Book (especially for beginners) is recommended. Using some—if not all—of the random character generation tables is encouraged but not required.

Privacy: In case anyone wonders, I don’t do any streaming.

More Information: Conan 2d20 can be as crunchy and as complex as we want it to be, though the core mechanic is quite accessible. No experience or books are necessary. The scenarios I design are based on actual weird fiction published in the early twentieth century. Ideally, the adventures are to be completed within one game session (I will do my best to keep it so, even “scene wiping,” if it becomes at all necessary). Though games will be offered on an “episode” or short story basis, characters can earn experience points and return for later adventures. For Foundry VTT, I am using the Simple Worldbuilding System. It contains no automation for 2d20. Also, because I’m fairly new to online gaming in general, we can run into some hiccups. Please be gracious.

For practiced 2d20 gamers: I have determined to run these offerings in a fairly “loose” fashion. The core mechanic shall be utilized to its fullest extent, but strict rules attendant to Actions and Combat Rounds shall be relaxed, and many of the Talents may be reinterpreted as relevant to the game experience at hand.

For past players. If you played in a previous session and would like to bring back that character (if living) to this one, then your character has earned 300 xp (per session), and those xp can be spent as directed by the Core Book (pp. 299-301). Moreover, you likely also have Gold rewards (consult the GM), and that may be spent on shopping as detailed in the Core Book (p. 135) and Player’s Guide (p. 87). If you have questions about either of these procedures, please contact me. Finally, your character will have to experience Carousing between adventures. Please contact me, and we will establish what has happened in the time between adventures.

Contact: Comment or PM me here.

Fort Defiance is an Aquilonian fort and outpost on the banks of the Black River, amidst Pict territory. The PCs are party to a merchant ship that has delivered much-needed supplies. After beginning business transactions, the PCs stay in the boatyard overnight, and, in the morning, they learn that, while they slept, something untoward has happened…

“Death in Fort Defiance” is loosely inspired by Henry S. Whitehead’s “BLACK TANCRÈDE,” 1929.


Definitely interested, and it looks like the time works for me.

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Also, we get to game on this lush, new tabletop, courtesy of @sean and his mad skilz!


I’m looking into this. Making sure it doesn’t conflict with valentine’s plans (sometimes reserved for weekend).

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Hey, I’m in! (in case anyone else is a planner, Valentines is on the Sunday previous, of course)

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I will be there with Kormak!

I am interested. My only experience with 2d20 is reading and owning but never running the Modiphius Star Trek. Beautiful book, terrible organization.


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Yup. You can say that about Conan, too! It took sitting down and playing it to begin figuring it out.

Here’s our roster for now. If anyone else is interested, be sure to drop a note and we’ll put you on deck. Stuff always comes up!


Welcome, new dog-brothers! And I’m pleased to see your return, Kormak!


There is no substitute for experience. :crossed_swords:


There’s an opening for one player tomorrow night, 7:30 CST. I’d need a PDF sheet of a character (see above) and, ideally, a character image for a token.

Hey @Gabe, I will not be able to make it tomorrow night. I have to do some unexpected travel this week. Sorry about the late notification. :pleading_face:

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No problem. Godspeed!