Checking in with BS'ers


Just wanted to be sure you’re doing ok.

I left my job and start a new one on the 30th. I just hope I still start! Lost one of our cats. The veterinarian wasn’t seeing patients, but they welcomed us in to help our Costello. Drove around last night with wife. It seemed like a blizzard at 3am, when it was no snow and it was 9pm cdt. Eeerie.

How are you adjusting?


Sounds like your Veterinarian is a keeper. I wish you the best with the current transition and hopefully you and everyone else whose job has been affected by COVD-19 will back to work very soon. I teach at a local college and we’ve gone completely online which is tough for the students and the faculty. I feel the most for my students as they didn’t sign up for an online Calculus class( nor my other classes). I’ve taught math a few times online and it wasn’t the easiest nor best experience. However, we are doing fine here in the middle of Michigan and want to wish you and all the other BSers the best of luck !


I know a few teachers/professors. Seems going line is now standard. One told me he’s quitting after this semester. Quite a surprise as he’s been teaching forever. Glad you’re doing ok.


Man, I hope he is quitting just because he is ready to retire…I feel quite blessed to be a community college teacher…the gig is pretty sweet and I get to teach Math…ooh…wait, that made me sound like such a nerd…accurate ,but a nerd none the less.

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Sean (Mr. GrandPumba), sorry about your cat, man. Sucks.
Hope your job does start, but hoping also everyone stays safe, hard balance to keep.

Shekaka67, I had this conversation with some folks. I don’t expect EVERY instructor at EVERY level to know how to tele-teach. Same for students. Also, do schools have the hardware infrastructure to handle that bandwidth.

Personal favor… I’m expecting this to get worse, and our healthcare to maybe start getting thin like a number of other countries. Please, Please, PLEASE stay home if you can, and stay safe. I’m a nurse, and this shit looks BAD.

Stay safe all, game on.


I blogged today.


Sorry to hear about the puddy cat.
My work cut down to a 3 day work week for at least the next two weeks maybe longer. Not in a direct response to virus, but because of our suppliers and customers are all slow due to shutdowns or modifications to their work weeks. I work for an international company so it’s sporadic. Supply and demands are riding the covid19 wave as it crosses the world.
@sean goodluck with the new job!
I hope everyone else is doing good. This will pass so don’t anyone get to down.


So sorry about Costello, Sean. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but especially right now when everything else is also so chaotic.

It definitely feels like we’re living in an episode of the Twilight Zone or something.

I’m doing okay. Still working since I can remote in from home and do my job. Game store roommate works for shut down this weekend, though they’re trying to offer gaming opportunities online for their customers. Brother is still working his medical cab job and not being treated as well as I would like by his employer. He’s definitely looking for a new job after this.


I’m still not over losing my dog Izzy two years ago, so I feel for you.

I’m working from home for the school district. Had my first Google Hangouts meeting on Friday with the Data Team. I have another online meeting tomorrow at 3, and we’re having a hard time getting people on the same page to verify data for reports, so my job has gone from assembling reports and distributing data to annoying people that are already stressed out because we still need to measure things that happened before spring break.

Had my first online D&D session on Discord and it went well. Have another one today, where I am a player instead of the GM.

My wife’s work (she helps to build and test flight simulators) has been deemed “essential” due to government contracts, and my daughter is essential because she works for the post office.

My other daughter is (was?) getting married in May, so we don’t know what’s going on there yet. Just caught up with my parents in Florida, and my friend, whose working around the clock in DC keeping government servers up and running.

Its a wild ride right now.


Hey Sean. I’m very sorry to hear about your cat. Losing a pet is always hard, but at least you were able to get some help.

I’m getting used to working from home after spending years in an office full of people that I enjoy being around. We’ve been having morning video calls during our traditional coffee time, just to have so we’re not just communicating about work stuff all day. Not having a commute means it’s harder to find a bit of time to catch up on podcasts (but I’m about 1/3 of the way through 285). Luckily I already had a home office that was mostly used for gaming and music. Now it’s for gaming, music, and actual work.

My wife and I have been going to breakfast at the same restaurant every Sunday for as long as I’ve lived here. We know all the people who work there, and they start cooking our orders as soon as we walk in. Now the dining room is closed (in all the restaurants, not just this one), but they’re doing take out and delivery. Unfortunately, not for breakfast. This is the first time we’ve missed more than a week in a row in 6 years.

Gaming-wise, not much has changed for me. My weekly open-table game was already online, and it’s continuing without any hiccups. I had been really looking forward to Gary Con, but I’ll have to settle for some online gaming (Wanna help Sean and my PCs out?). NTRPG Con is in June, and I’m worried that will be cancelled too. Maybe this is the year I go to Gamehole?

Things are crazy. I hope you all can stay well, and try to be kind.



Sorry about your cat, Sean. :frowning:
And fingers crossed for your new job. Can you work remotely?

I manage a software engineering team and have been working from home for the past 2 weeks (first it was optional, then recommended, and now required). On the one hand, I’m happy that I can continue doing my job mostly fine from home. But I spend a ton of time in meetings, and I find I’m getting a lot more burned out sitting on my butt doing video conferences for hours at a time. In the office, I tend to move around a lot more - e.g. walking from one meeting room to another, or doing walking one-on-ones outside with my reports. I’ll have to figure out how to better adapt to this new mode, as I assume it’s likely going to continue for a few months.

A house full of teenagers off from school doesn’t help. :slight_smile:

I took a much needed walk at a nearby nature preserve today, which was very refreshing.

As for RPGs:
My regular in-person D&D group played online for the first time last week. We’re still ironing out some kinks in the setup (we’re close to the end of a campaign so don’t want to invest in an elaborate VTT setup at this time), but it was fun to get together, at least virtually. I’ll probably run some DCC online, soon.


Sounds like we should be checking on you, Sean! Good luck with the new job. I start one the first week in April. My wife and I are working from home, and we have our desks set up in our home office. We are both nurses, though, and could be called into the front lines on any given day. It’s that kind of experience when you do what is needed when it’s needed. Let’s do what is needed, everyone!

Gaming: Just finished a sitting of my online game group. We meet every 2 weeks. My face to face group has wisely decided to put a temporary halt to meetups until socializing is expected to be…less distant.

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There’s a song that I’m misremembering the lyrics to as “Lines, Lines, Lines, Yeah!”

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Hey Sean. Sorry about your cat. Must be really hard for both you and your wife. Hope the job work out.
Feels like I’m in a nightmare. Just want to wake up. Can’t believe how unprepared the world was for this.

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