Cats! (Not the Movie)

In Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e, there are rules for PC cats.

In Tales of the Old Margreve, there is a sorcerer that curses the Griffon Queen of the forest and turns her into a cat.

The adventure itself doesn’t resolve what happens to the sorcerer.

I kind of want to run an adventure where the sorcerer shows up and turns them into a cat, and they have to get their curse removed.

I’m still thinking through if this is a great idea, or a terrible idea.


I think with the right group that’d be fun - I mean, they’d have to be down with temp losing all their powers and such. Or, I guess, they could have some powers, but with limitations and such. Overall this sounds like it’d be a good time, but not a part of the adventure I’d want to last for months and months - that is to say, I’d rather play this as a part of a campaign or a one shot and not a “this is your PC now and over the weeks and months of play to come you can figure out how to fix it.”

Yeah, this would definitely be more of a “one session to resolve what happened to that sorcerer” kind of thing. That’s also why I thought of using the Cthulhu Mythos “cat” rules, because while the PCs may not be optimized, the way cat is written up as a player option doesn’t mean they loose everything they can do, they just won’t be flinging weapons around, etc.

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The more I think about this, I would probably handle this the same way I did when the party played the Kobold bounty hunters in my last 5e, game, where I emailed them between sessions and asked if this was cool and let them know this would be an interlude for one session only, so we start the game In Medias Res and flash back to how they ended up being cats.

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