Castle Ravenloft - Find & Kill Strahd (5e or OSE)

Hi everyone,

I just recently ran a group through Curse of Strahd and I wanted to give Castle Ravenloft another shot. I am looking to run another group through the castle to find and kill Strahd to free Barovia from this monster. I ran the game using 5e rules, but I also have I6 Ravenloft (though I haven’t run it) and would be interested to run it using OSE rules if the group wants an easier system.

I was looking to start the game sometime in August, but that can be moved out to September or later. I have time on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights. My preference would be 8 PM MST, but I can run it an hour or two earlier if that works for people.

The game can be probably be completed in one night if the group is lucky, but could take up to 3 or 4 sessions.


I am interested in an OSE run. If that system is chosen count me in for a few sessions to try and kill Strahd.

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Will do. I really want to try it out with OSE.