Campaign mistakes to avoid

This is something I’ve fallen prey to. If you decide to run a campaign for your group that you’ve previously run for another group…be very careful. Your expectations are going to run along with what the previous group did. I can guarantee you the new group will probably go in a direction you never thought possible. It’s usually best to avoid trying to recreate a previous campaign unless you’re prepared for this.

Sorry, just the one idea, but since I’m starting a new campaign for my group, it’s on my mind. I’m sure you can think of a few…


I have been contemplating putting another group into my current campaign world in the same proximity and perhaps dealing with the same (or similar) issues. I wonder what pitfalls exist for both Tom’s and my scenario.

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Interesting idea - Sean and I have touched on this, but never devoted a show to it.

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I’ve run a sandbox game with two different groups and one could hardly tell they were the same, aside from the opening. I think GM’s certainly need to be flexible, regardless of the situation. It’s group storytelling and different people will want to tell different stories. Lack of pre-determimed paths sets tabletop apart from video games.