BSers are Smarter than BS

Hey Sean - most recent podcast endrd with 8 minutes of silence, then 2:20 minutes of the outro song ( interesting to hear it in Its entirety with no voices over it ) and then the litter-box productions bit at the end. This was on Apple podcasts, if the platform makes a difference.

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I thought that it was Brett’s turn to turn the song on and his Dad texted him again.

Great episode really like all of the feed back.

I thought it was a ‘90s-style hidden track.


It’s very possible that it was 8 minutes of silence in order to remember the 8 minutes that George Floyd had a knee on his neck choking him.

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:exploding_head: Genius. Feeling ignorant but now edified. Thanks for explaining that, and thank you, Sean, for being a voice in this saddening time.

Ooof. Yes. Wow. Thanks @sean

I am aware of the long silent end. Thanks for bringing it up @Chrisshorb