BS to run the Same RPG -Thoughts-

Calling BS, but in a good way, I choose to through my two cents your way, for what and how you should play.

I think Delta Green is a good middle ground for you gentlemen to do this little experiment with.
For one, it’s a modern RPG with simple rules that I think an inexperienced player would be able to quickly and easily grok. With the systems popularity you can even get super slimmed down reference sheets for your players too so they know what options are available to them and how they apply.

Second, the vast verity of adventures and stories that are available could lead to some interesting player and GM situations. Obviously, to whomever joins in on this experiment their might have to be a conversation about mature content and what that means. Delta Green is not necessarily all about blowing people away, but does tend to deal with many aspects of horror. Psychological, Body, and helplessness to name a few.

On the subject of players, both the B and the S teams will be in for an interesting experience. One will get to experience the controlled chaos that is Brett, while the other will get to experience smooth Improve that is Sean. But, besides opinion, and whatever “success” is measured by, how will we know what each B & S did well?

I purpose that you gentlemen introduce a control variant. 1 player that is the same in both your groups. An individual that has or has not ran or played doesnt matter, as they will be experiencing (in theory) the same adventure twice. Maybe choose one person together, maybe dont, maybe have the BS-comuunity figure this out on its own and throw a lamb at you both in secret, with the same name?

So with that out of the way, what to play, What to play indeed. 3-4 players, 4-6 sessions, +/- 4 hours each. Hmmm Given those parameter’s, and whatever is session zeroed of what have you, These are my suggestions:

Reverberations: A nice nod to the Old Delta Green while being a great starting point for new and old players. Easily run within 4-6 sessions especially if the group jams together like Peanut butter and jelly. Fun twist and turns and a great way to see whos Delta Green worth.

BlackSAT: Delta Green IN SPACE (space…space…space)
An adventure intentionally designed for people who have no knowledge of Delta Green, and used as a recruitment opportunity. Might take a little reading but is easily doable in 4-6, 4hr sessions. Don your Space Suit and get ready to see the void face-to-face.

FULMINATE: Who doesnt enjoy a nice family trip to Yellow Stone? How else are you going to celebrate the 4th of July. OH, and theirs this kid who disappeared like back in the 70’s and wants a hug or something.

BS P.S.: Sean, TECHNICALLY speaking, yes, Impossible Landscapes is the first full fledged Campaign for Delta Green: The RPG, HOWEVER, if you buy the collection books (Night at the Opera, Blacksites, Control Group, Etc.) the adventures are set up and given a suggested play order in the front of those books for a more “campaign” style of play. ( that being said the order in Night at the Opera has been unofficially changed for a more, DELTA GREEN feel. Boys over at the Green Box podcast talked about it once.

~with love, as always~


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