BS Online Con

The gaming moot is great. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so.

But given people’s schedules, it can be tough even to get in a one shot.

Then there’s the current state of the pandemic and how that is effecting in-person events - cons, personal game groups, FLGS, etc.

And there are some gamers that would love to play with fellow members of the GBS community!


I’m thinking online con. January, after the holidays, and when it’s nice and cold (at least here in the midwest and north), and we don’t mind the warmth our computer generates and the great experiences our hobby provides.

Discussion started in Discord:

You can join via



I am completely down with this.

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I’m interested

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Count me in!

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Love it, if I can schedule myself free for a weekend it would definitely make getting my games on the sheet going!

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I’m down. I’ll start ordering all of the hot chocolate flavors I’ll be drinking that weekend.

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Sounds nice!

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In like Flynn.

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Definitely in for this and excited to play with some BS’ers.

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I’m up for playing!

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Sounds great!

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I am definitely interested!

I will try my darndest to be there, guys!! Sounds awesome!

Definitely interested. I’ll have to read up on the Discord discussion, but it’s on my RADAR.

EDIT: Just tried to track the discussion throug the Discord and it’s all over the place. Way too disorganized for me to follow… I guess my big questions are:

  • Are we just spitballing it for now?
  • Is there a site or Google doc for GM registration?
  • What VTTs are going to be used? (I’m personally getting a Foundry account ASAP)


@sean will probably have a better answer, but I think for now it’s mostly spitballing. There isn’t a signup / registration process that I’ve seen specifically for the online con (but see Gaming Moot - Gaming and BS Forums for the other online games that the community are offering). As for VTTs, that’s probably up to each GM. Foundry is pretty popular, but so are Roll20 and lighter options like Owlbear Rodeo.

Cool. Thanks for the clarification, jim.


The target date is last weekend in January.

There is no more info than that. I need to figure out how formal we get - using Tabletop Events, Warhorn, Google Sheets, etc.

It’s a work in progress.

Good to know. Thanks, Sean. :grin:

starts rummaging through his games to find something to run

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Goblin spitballing? @jim


Well, that’s why they call the little ones snotlings, after all :wink: