Brett's Avalon One Shot, April 25th

Game Date & Time
4/25 with a start time of 2:00pm CST
Game Title: A Fish Story

Something is happening at the abandoned brewery. Folks had been hearing noises for a few weeks, strange sounds that made them nervous, but they ignored it. Then the dogs and cats went missing. After that, when Carin the Rat Catcher went missing, the neighborhood called the guard to look into it. The patrol never returned. It’s up to the PCs to step in, find out what is going on, and put an end to it and make the neighborhood safe again.

Number of Players
I can have up to 5 players for this game.

I will provide Pre-generated characters in PDF format for the players to choose from.

Virtual Table Top Platform
I will host a Zoom meeting for us to use. The game will be Theatre of the Mind and players will roll their own dice at their computer table/desk/couch/etc.
To ensure a good game experience, I am asking that everyone use both video and audio for the game.

This game will be streamed to Twitch and uploaded to Youtube. By volunteering to play, you’re aware and ok with this.


Player List
@digitalhobbit (from wait list)

Waiting LIst


Also know nothing about Avalon, or even the system @Fafhrd plans to use. 5e? Regardless, stoked!

Hope I make it worth your time then! :slight_smile:

I should have noted that I’ll be using 5e for it from a system side of things. I’ll do my best to provide some setting/atmosphere stuff for everyone at the start of the game.

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Urban swords and sorcery in the Lankhmar / City of Greyhawk style, I’m down with that. Warring factions, dark alleys, a seedy underbelly, adventures in the sewers, what ho!

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The knights of the night ‘actual play’ from when the Avalon Kickstarter was live.


Danke – just listening to Session 0 is helpful, as Brett describes the setting and the city pretty well!

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I’m going to put a Google Doc folder together with the Pre-Gen PCs for folks to look through - I’ll provide direction on how to “tell everyone what I’ve chosen” when I share out the folder.


Schweet. Looking forward to playing.

The Google Folder has been shared with the folks who are in for this Saturday (4/25) game. I set it through my account.

If you don’t have that link for any reason - hit me up via email or here and I’ll get it to you.

A Zoom meeting link will be coming out shortly.

The Zoom meeting will be set for 1:00pm Central - that’s so @Sean and I can get to get on early and make sure things are setup correctly for the Twitch stream. Folks in the game are welcome to join early - so we can knock out any technical difficulties and be sure we’re ready to start at the official 2:00pm time :slight_smile:


I’ll be moth, if they’re available.
I didn’t see another spot to lay claim.

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OH - and the game shouldn’t be more than 4 hours. I have a longer time slot in Zoom picked so that we have time to deal with tech issues, breaks, late start, and if we want to hang out and BS after the game.


@Fafhrd will you be emailing? messaging? the Zoom info. :slight_smile:

Never mind. I see you sent the invite via email. :slight_smile:

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@digitalhobbit we had a player that can’t make it. Are you still able to make this game/time?


Yes, happy to fill in!

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Once @Fafhrd sends you link to pregens you’ll want to comment on which one you want to play and comment here: Character Selection please.

Pre-gen folder has been shared with @digitalhobbit :slight_smile:

It’s been brought to my attention that my quality checks on the stats, attacks, etc on at least one of the PC sheets is messed up. Totally my mistake.

If you find anything let me know and we’ll fix it. Very sorry :frowning:



This is how I pinged the crown.