Best One Shot for Mothership?

Hey all

My DM for Saturday is having oral surgery and might not make it. So I’ve been tasked with having a back up game ready to go. Last time he missed one of the guys ran Barbarians of the Ruined Earth(great game!) but he’s out this session as well.

I sold them on Mothership and was wondering what some of you think would be the best published adventure for a one shot. (4-5 hour session)

Thanks BSers!

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@Phil ran The Haunting of Ypsilon 14 for us. I thought it was great. I am running it at Gamehole Con. I’m sure there are others. I’ve run Dead Planet, but that may take more than 4-5 hours depending how you run it.

Haunting of Y14 is a brilliant module. I don’t know that any of the other pamphlet modules that have been around for awhile compare to it, i.e. Moonbase Blues or Hideo’s World.

A couple of new pamphlets have just been released. Mothership: Terminal Delays at Anarene’s Folly and Mothership: Chromatic Transference. I’ve read the former, it looks cool and will be picking up the later soon. Saying that, I’d still stick with Haunting of Y14 for a one off!

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I’ve picked up haunting and terminal delay. They both look pretty good.

Though it wound up our dm could make so I wasn’t needed to run but now I’m prepted to run mothership at the next opportunity!

Thanks for the suggestions!

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I’ve been gathering up all the bits and pieces I’ve got for MS recently, thinking I’m going to do something with them. First would be reading them all… if I stumble across some great and little known one-shot, I’ll post it here.

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