Beowulf: Age of Heroes (OGL 5e) Review

I read Beowulf in high school. To clarify, I read the whole thing, when we only read an excerpt in class, and I loved it. So I really wanted to see what Beowulf-style adventures would look like in D&D 5e. One player, one GM, rules for followers, and a procedure for finding out what the monster’s weakness is.

And here is the text to speech version in podcast form.

Thanks for posting that! Sounds like a really interesting model for game play. I am going to pick it up and see if my wife wants to try it out.

I appreciate your notes about how they focused on ethnic diversity in Europe in the text and the art. I often associate strong Northern European themes with equally strong exclusion of POC. I know that’s unfair, and mostly based on some experiences related to working in corrections for a while and having parents who worked in corrections and law enforcement, where the presence of strong European identification was a hallmark of the white supremacists. I am so happy to see something like this, very bound to a specific concept of time and place, but not as some kind of reactionary fantasy.

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Yeah, I was working on this even as suddenly in the US, “Anglo Saxon” becomes a dogwhistle for “Aryan,” so I that was very much on my mind. The people that wrote this have a podcast where they discuss the game, and there is an episode where they start discussing “Anglo Saxon legends,” and they stop for a minute and say “like, actual Anglo Saxons, as a historical record. It’s sad that we have to make that distinction, but here we are.”

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