Avalon Ruleset of Choice

You all, The Streets of Avalon might have “5e” on the front of the book, but I’m going to come right out and say that if you’re not playing it in the world of Warhammer…you just might be doing it…suboptimally.


Right now I have two fantasy settings I’m using. One for a current campaign and one for an upcoming campaign. Trying to figure out how to work Streets of Avalon in…but I suspect that I might be using Genesys.


I’ve never played Warhammer, but I’ve always been interested. Got the new edition book, and the quick start. Roger, you signing on to answer all my questions? :smiley:

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I’m happy to answer anything I can. 4e is not my favorite rule set. But I’ve made it about halfway through the rule book, and I read the Starter Set adventure. Ask away!


I think zweihander would work too but I heard the two are very similar. :slightly_smiling_face:


Right on. Yeah, I picked up the PDF for Zweihander as well. My reading list is getting longer by the month. My “to be read” pile has literally gained it’s own book case.

Some say I have a “problem”.


I am really interested in seeing now Swords of the Serpentine (Gumshoe Fantasy) looks when it comes out.

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Is it really a city you can “drop in” to any existing campaign? Like Ravnica, it’s a city without end. So wouldn’t it pretty much be the whole campaign frame?

I’d probably run in 5e or Dungeon World, just because of my familiarity with those rules sets.

But I was also thinking Blades… that’s after only reading first couple of pages of Avalon.


Definitely Shadow of the Demon Lord. I’ve thought about that quite a bit. But then there’s some DNA there from Warhammer.

I’ve also thought about running it using Cypher as well.

So many games to play/run, so little time.


Yeah, I think Zweihander would be a great choice too. The Main Gauche supplement is out for that soon and a player’s book later this year.

That said if I did use 5E for it I’d probably incorporate it into a planar “grim city” tour with Sigil, Gloomwrought, Greyhawk, etc. all about underworld and planar politics.


Love it! Not familiar with Gloomwrought.

I wonder how many fantasy cities have large populations?

@JaredR - the Gumshoe system is one I’d love to do a formal conversion to along with, possibly, Zweihander. I need to get SotS Gumshoe fantasy to see how they deal with things.


I could see using a lot of Avalon stuff in Waterdeep.

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Dungeon World is my fantasy game of choice and running Avalon with it is sure to make @Fafhrd cry :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that I think about it, I think Warhammer would work pretty well.


All good by me man, I hope you give it a go and report back! :slight_smile: