For anyone that may prefer their actual plays in podcast format, I’m uploading the audio from our Streets of Avalon game to Anchor. Warning . . . I know nothing of editing, I just wanted to have an audio archive of the sessions as well as the YouTube videos.


Episode Three is up at anchor, for anyone that wants to thrill to assassin duels, possessed thugs, and very hungry, very old things that live under the streets.

Also, bad healing potions.

Ep 3 hasn’t appeared in the feed…

Unless you count ep 0.

Just making sure I’m not missing content.

I decided to pace the rest of the releases, so they’ll be hitting on Tuesdays. Episode three should be coming out then. Thanks for the interest!

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Episode three is up now, for anyone interested.

Also, a little bit of rebranding, as I’m going to be posting the Eberron game I’m running on alternating weeks as well.

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Hey @JaredR - One question: How long are your recording sessions? I’m always curious about that for an actual play podcast.

Also, a suggestion: Remove some silence gaps which are overly long. I tend to listen at 1.5 speed to get through APs quicker while still comprehending, and a number of times in the Avalon series, I’m finding I’m checking to see if I somehow accidentally paused the podcast. It helps with the flow.

I currently have zero editing skills, but I’ll see what I can do.

What do you use? Audacity?

I tend to look for waveforms (or lack thereof) and clip out some of the dead air.

But either way, I’m enjoying the AP!

I’m just using the audio file generated from Zoom when you record the session.

All good, sir! No need to change anything, just a thought I had.

Just did a test with our session zero of Streets of Avalon after I got Audacity set up for it, and the “truncate silences” option looks like it trimmed 15 minutes off the total of 1:30.

Wow! Interesting.

I did a bit of work. Downloaded all of the episodes. Added intros and outros. Truncated silences in all of the episodes. Let me know what you think!

@joe, I use pocketcasts, but I’m sure others have this option as well, but it has a “trim silence” option which I find quite useful (and often paired with a speed accelerator).

@JaredR - The tool you’re using – does it allow you to set a time of allowable silence? Like if the silence is longer than 2 seconds, trim it to 2 seconds?

There’s a few cuts in the latest Eberron ep where it seems like it’s a lil close. I’m not sure what settings/etc you may be using. It does seem smoother though!

Yeah, I think overall you can follow the Eberron game, but there were a few sentences where it sounds like the last word got cut off.

It SHOULD be set to five seconds, and it doesn’t seem quite as bad on the other audio I did this for. I also ran this through the loudness equalizer, and I wonder if that caused an issue. I’m wondering if the equalization dropped some of the sound levels too low.

I may need to make sure to truncate silences, then do the modified loudness adjustment, if it seems like it might need it. Thanks for the input!

Sure thing!