Avalon Games at Gamehole 2021

I’ve got two Avalon games submitted for Gamehole 2021:

A Strange Muse - A Tale from The Streets of Avalon (OSRIC)
Lorman, the local Storyteller, has been telling the same old stories for decades. Recently though, he has new tales about strange and evil things living in the dark corners of the city. Soon people started talking about seeing things, and folks were scared to go out at night. And then, just two days ago, Kareen the butcher and her family were found dead after she publicly denounced Lorman for scarring folks. Is it Lorman, his stories, or something more sinister behind this all? Someone needs to do something.

A Fish Story - a Tale from the Streets of Avalon (D&D 5e)
There’s something fishy going on at the old brewery. People from your neighborhood have started to go missing - The city guard tried to look into it but they didn’t come back… This is you neighborhood. Your homes, family, and friends are all here. Someone has to do something. Time to grab your gear and do what you can before things get worse.