Avalon Ancestries and Tasha's Cauldron of Everything

Just wanted to pop in to point out that there is an optional rule in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything that I think is a great option for a Streets of Avalon game.

There is a “Custom Lineage” sidebar that says you can just tell your player that they can pick a +2 bonus to one ability, pick either Darkvision or an extra skill, and pick a feat to model your lineage.

I really like this, although my own personal preference, especially for a grittier setting like Avalon, would be to remove Darkvision.


I thought it was removed in Avalon… but I could be and most likely am mistaken. I guess I need to re-read all my Avalon stuff.

No, they were turned into “equivalents.”

Commoners = Humans
Outlanders = Half-orcs
Nobles = Half-elves
Bargefolk = Halflings

I agree with you about Darkvision and would bounce if from most rpgs, because it nerfs tension and by extension fun. My Blade in the Dark game would suck if it was Blades in the Dark for only for only a few.

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Blades in the Dark… .nevermind, I can see in the dark.

I just got my copy not that long ago so I’m gonna be digging through it soon with an eye for what works/fits in Avalon :slight_smile: