Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea

Is there any interest in a Play by Post (discord) game of ASSH?
I would love to run a 4-5 person game in the default setting with 2 or more updates per week. A read-only copy (via Google Drive) of the Players Manual and Gazetteer will be provided, as well as pregens for anyone who wants them. No experience with the game (or RPGs in general) is necessary.


I’m down! How about you, @Grotonomus? PbP your style?

Hey guys!

I have never done a PbP game before, but I am not afraid to try something new.

This also work well for me considering that finding 4 hour blocks of time for games is problematic to say the least. :slight_smile:

Two posts a week is going to feel veeeeeery slow. Alternatively, I have been in a Discord game that seemed to have the expectation that gamers would be available for live text chat virtually all the time! I’m not sure what the appropriate balance would be. My own preference is an expectation that folks check in and (if appropriate and relevant) post at least once a day, but not be expected or obligated to exceed that.

By “posts” I mean the GM moving the story forward at least twice a week. So that would be everyone posting at least twice.
I’d prefer to post daily but realistically I couldn’t do it with my work schedule.
PBP does end up being slower than real-time but Ive found that the increased depth of the narrative more than makes up for the speed.

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I’ll wait a couple of days to see if any more people want to play. If not, I’ll put the game up on instead of Discord. It should be easy to fill up the rest of the group there.
If that happens, @Gabe & @Grotonomus, I’ll give you guys first dibs for player slots.