AoR: Echoes of the Past - Roll Call

Scenario Name: Echoes of the Past
Event Date: Wednesday, December 23rd
Time: 7:30pm to 11:30pm cdt
Sign up deadline: 8pm cdt Monday, December 21st
Note: This will NOT be streamed. We will use Foundry VTT and Zoom. You will need your character completed no later than 11:30pm Tuesday, December. Pregens will be available.

Please review Rebel Alliance Soldiers Handbook for campaign details.

Adventure by Peter Meindertsma for Fire Across the Galaxy campaign

I’ll take a pregen.

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Me please! Me please!

Edit: Character

Refra Carr

Species: Human (F) from Chandrila

Duty: Space Superiority/Internal Security

Motivation: Quest/Freedom

Story: Nobility

Not long ago, Refra, scion of the illustrious Chandrilan House of Carr, was sympathetic to the Imperial cause. Her studies in xenology, in part in preparation for representing her House in the Chandrilan House of Lords, had convinced her that human interests were more important than any others, and that Chandrila’s interests were to dominate in space security and its internal security, even if that meant aligning itself with Imperial totalitarianism. That was… until she met a certain xenopolitical professor who convinced her otherwise. Now she works against the Empire, championing the rights of all galactic peoples, though her earlier, vocal affiliations with the Imperial cause sometimes gives her opportunity to function as a worthy spy, particularly since she’s still slightly isolated from the Empire’s grasp due to her noble heritage.


Brawn 2, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Willpower 2, Presence 2

Wound Threshold: 12, Strain Threshold: 12

(Underline = +1 Rank)

Career: Diplomat

Charm, Deception, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Knowledge (Lore), Knowledge (Outer Rim), Knowledge (Xenology), Leadership, Negotiation

Specialization: Ambassador

Charm, Discipline, Knowledge (Core Worlds), Negotiation


Nobody’s Fool (Passive), Upgrade difficulty of incoming Charm, Coercion, and Deception checks once per rank of Nobody’s Fool

Confidence (Passive), May decrease difficulty of Discipline checks to avoid fear by 1 per rank of Confidence

Dodge (Active), When targeted by combat check, may perform a Dodge incidental to suffer a number of strain no greater than ranks of Dodge, then upgrade the difficulty of the check by that number


Holdout Blaster, Ranged (Light), Dam 5, Crit 4, Range Short, Enc 1, HP 1, Stun setting

Combat Knife, Melee, Dam +1, Crit 3, Range Engaged, Enc 1, HP 0



Credits: 194

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Would love to join in, but dealing with a bunch of last-minute holiday stuff… save some Star Destroyers for me to essplode in the future!

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I’ll throw my name in the ring. (I’m going to create a Mon Calamari Soldier-Medic).

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I’m down. Get a feel for what you are looking for before I start GMing for this.

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@Gabe is there a link to your pc sheet?

Finishing mine up right now.

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Now it should work.

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I would also like a pregen as i look over the rules.

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I’m in Sean.
What if any rulebooks should I get?
I’m new to the Star Wars games, but not the universe.

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NAMEUc (Oo-ss) Prudaunth (Pru-donth)
TOKEN Making it tonight.


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I’m working, maybe I can run a game on the weekend in the future.

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If you’re looking to play in this game, the core rule book, “Age of Rebellion” is all you need.


Let me know @peter, if you want to run. I’l share the scenarios with you. I think a couple more GM’s would be a good thing.

@Gabe do you have an image you’d like to use for a token I make? Feel free to embed into your sheet and let me know it’s there.

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Jem “Meds” Vi, Mon Calamari Soldier Medic

Looks like we have 6 people that are interested in playing. Four are patrons.

The following, front and center:

Orders are being cut for you. You will have details in your inboxes for your next duty assignment.

@Gabe, you will be on stand by. You will have orders cut for this mission should someone not be able to perform their duty. If you are not called for this mission, you will be given priority stand by for the next mission.


@Gabe you’re in if you can still make it. I’ll DM you here on the forums. if you could respond to let me know, that would be great.

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