Any interest in a game with PvP potential?

I’m thinking about running 2 sessions of Soth with the same group of players continuing their misadventures.

I describe it as “reverse Cthulhu” where you play the cultists, the investigators are the npc’s, and you slowly gain “clarity” as you get deeper and deeper into the cult.

It often plays like a Cohen Brothers movie.

I think it’ll need 4 players to really work with the mechanics (in person, I’d prefer 5).

There is potential for inner cult conflict, grabbing cult resources, or usurping the leadership of the cult. However, there are game elements that allow players to stay engaged and have a huge impact on the game if their character dies (is brutally murdered).

Any interest in this? Maybe I can be sure to run at a time convenient for those who are interested?



Welp, I didn’t sell this very well :rofl:

Sorry, I’m not going to be able to make BSer con, so I didn’t respond. Sorry man.

I love the idea, @Jeremy.

DOn’t let the lack of response throw you. The forums are hit and miss when it comes to activity. Discord may get some quicker responses.

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Thanks! I noticed you mentioned that elsewhere after I posted.

A stomach bug took me out of submitting before the deadline, but I’ll work something up to submit to you in the next couple days

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