Another Cortex Prime game

I know that some folks in the community wanted to try out Cortex Prime. Or they wanted to try it again to get a better grasp of the game. Now’s your chance!

I created a very simple build of Cortex Prime to play in @Fafhrd 's world of Streets of Avalon. I’ve always wanted to play in it and now I have a chance. I borrowed @sean 's CATS pitch game from the Delta Green Experiment as an idea. Thank you kind sirs for the awesome community and for being a positive influence in the hobby!

This is the link to the pitch but the schedule can be hashed out in the comments or on Discord.

When: Anytime before November

Duration: 1-2 sessions, 2-3 hours (first session will be for character creation and then jump into the game)

Where: Discord and Foundry

PS. I updated the sheet to reflect this post/game.


Peeks… CATS!

Yes, you guys kept hyping it up! :rofl::rofl:

I have been wanting to try Cortex since Smallville days!