Amazing what Players will "Ignore"

As the twin Penanggalan sister didn’t made any “big moves” last session, my group has kinda sorta accepted that these vampire sisters are there and that, while something will have to be done eventually, they have other issues more pressing to deal with.

In short, I’m pretty much using the idea of keeping the pressure on the players that @Sean and I talked about on the show such as…

  • Assassination attempt but unknown people on one of the PCs
  • That PC then finding out his father was more than he thought he was and died doing the work of the White Griffins
  • Basement ghoul’s mommy is sorta putting the moves on another PC - trying to get him to help her “deal with the boys when the time comes,”
  • Two NPCs who have been, on the fringes helping the PCs are now offering them some sort of membership in the White Griffins
  • Two PCs having crisis of faith issues

I’ve got the group now feeling the clocks are ticking. All the clocks, even clocks they don’t know about and can’t seem to find, are all starting to wind down. At some point something is going to hit them, but they just don’t know what exactly that will be so they’re running a bit scared trying to prepare themselves to weather whatever storm is about to hit them.

I really thought they’d try and focus on the Penanggalan sisters, but they’re not at all. I think they’re “ignoring” the twins because they don’t think they’ve got the skill or power to deal with them (and they’re right). But I kinda figured they’d be pressing for more info and ideas on how to level that particular playing field and put the odds in their favor so they could take out the vampires. But, I’ve hit them with enough other things that they felt they needed to set vampire hunting aside for the time being.


Timers are great. I need to use them more.


Timers are a great way to add a little urgency and to help the game world feel alive. The world is moving forward, things happen with or without the PC’S involvement. The big bad guy’s are not just sitting in a room waiting on the PC’S, they’re out doing big bad guy stuff.

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